Prétextes (Pretexts) is a collection of poems by Alméry Lobel-Riche’s friend, the art critic Robert Margerit (1910–88), which was published shortly after Alméry’s death. It is similar in style and treatment to the Verlaine volume published privately a few years earlier, and is a tribute to the artist published ‘Aux dépens d’un groupe d’amateurs’ (at the expense of a group of amateurs, in this case also friends). The foreword is by two more of Lobel-Riche’s friends and colleagues, the authors André Billy and Pierre Mac-Orlan.

The etchings are trademark Lobel-Riche, strong and detailed, matching well the Margerit poems. We have included the original drawings included in this presentation copy of the book.

Prétextes was produced in a limited numbered edition of 205 copies.