What turns you on?

It’s a question that gets asked much more often than it gets answered, which isn’t surprising when you think about how vague it is! What turns you on to what? In relation to honesterotica the clue is in the website name – what sort of images turn you on erotically, sensually, sexually?

But even this isn’t easy, because there are all sorts of conventions, pressures, taboos – what’s supposed to work and what isn’t? Big, small, gentle, exciting, more, less … ? One thing that is crystal clear is that each of us is different, with our own experiences, dreams and fantasies.

So let go of your preconceptions and see how you respond to some of our erotic illustrations.

Here’s how it works. We’ll show you sixteen images; for each one you decide how much you like it and what your response to it is. Then we’ll ask you to guess whether each image is by a woman or a man, and roughly when it was created. We’ll give you feedback along the way, and at the end we’ll ask you a few (anonymous) questions about yourself.

We hope you’ll be patient enough to complete the questionnaire (it usually takes about ten minutes), but if it all gets too much you can always get back to the home page by clicking on the page header!


I’m ready for the first question!


We said that when we have enough responses, we’d be able to give some feedback. By 1 May 2017, 350 people had completed the questionnaire, and we’re working on the figures, but what we do know already is that we seem to attract an older ‘clientele’ than most similar sites, that honesterotica visitors aren’t that very interested in porn websites, and that a third of you find good erotica sites hard to find.

More soon as we crunch the figures!