As you may be aware, Twitter (who we have used for years to let people know what is new on this site) have decided out of the blue that @honesterotica’s header image (right) by French illustrator Jean Dulac, which we’ve used since we opened a Twitter account, ‘violates its policies against graphic violence or adult content’. So without any notice or discussion they’ve suspended the account. Can you believe it? We are currently appealing to have the Twitter account reinstated. This is very sad and annoying both for us and for the more than 6,000 followers we have.

To complement (we hope rather than replace) the Twitter account, we shall soon be introducing a new feature here with news about artists and portfolios we’ve recently added, so keep calling back. We need a way of keeping you all informed that isn’t subject to arbitrary censorship.

In the meantime, please do what you can to help us by introducing your friends to the site. If you haven’t also been suspended, use your social media accounts to let people know about us – and about Twitter’s censorship of erotic art. Feel free to email us at if you want to express your concern and support.

You might be interested to know that experiences like ours of being censored by social media are documented and illustrated by Don’t Delete Art, a wonderful and important project highlighting the importance of allowing art to circulate freely online – their website is here.

Thank you all!

Welcome to honesterotica!

     ‘The end of art is pleasure.’  Eric Gill, Art and Prudence, 1928.

So what was it that brought you here? The frisson of seeing some risqué images? The excitement of pictures of naked people enjoying being with each other? The idea that looking at such ‘naughty’ things could really be okay?

However you arrived here at our home page, we hope you won’t be disappointed with what you find.

We won’t bother you with the usual ‘Don’t go any further if you’re easily offended’ message, but be warned that if you do choose to delve deeper into the erotic treasure trove of honesterotica you will see a lot of people wearing very little, and doing some rather wonderful (and sometimes a little scary) things with each other …

Okay, I’m ready to take the risk ...