Exploring the website

If you’ve been here before and know what you’re looking for or want to explore further, feel free to go directly to the main sections of the site:

Some visitors to the site miss many of its best features by not looking beyond the images, wonderful though they are! As well as the artist profiles, each portfolio has a descriptive text, which you will find by clicking on the portfolio title. And then you can enlarge every image by clicking on it (close it again with the cross in the top right corner), and scroll through the images either by clicking on the arrows at the side or by scrolling with your finger if you have a touch-screen. Many of the texts (and we think they are all worth reading) include links, either to other relevant places on the site or to external links such as artist websites.

What makes honesterotica different from other web resources?

If you would like to read about the rationale of honesterotica, and the ways in which it differs from other websites offering images of physical and sensual intimacy (especially the many online porn sites), you can find more here.

Our inspirations

The importance of sensuality and an erotic dimension to human experience has been expressed and emphasised by writers, artists and thinkers down the ages. We have put together quotations from some of the people who have inspired us as we have created the honesterotica website – you can read them here.

honesterotica and porn

There will always be people who say that there’s no real difference between erotica and pornography, and that both are equally bad (or good). We’re not going to get into that argument, at least not beyond reminding ourselves that ‘erotica’  comes from the Greek word ‘eros’, sensual love, and ‘pornography’ also comes from Greek, meaning ‘depictions of prostitutes’. This does suggest an important difference, porn generally (though by no means always and inevitably) involving a male-over-female power relationship with some sort of commercial transaction involved. If you would like to read our thoughts about porn and why we believe honesterotica has such an important role to play, you can find them here.

honesterotica and you

honesterotica is an interactive resource, so the site includes a blog to which you can respond, and a feedback page where you can comment on or add your own research and suggestions to what you find on the site.

In order to participate, you will need to register on the site and sign in using the panel at the top of the page; this is so we can monitor feedback and keep the site safe. We only ask for enough details about you to be sure you are a real person, and will never share any of your details (beyond your screen name) with anyone else.

Your input will help improve the site, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Finally …

If you’ve enjoyed, appreciated, and learned from our site, do tell your friends and colleagues about it! Send them the link – www.honesterotica.com – and check the What’s new page here regularly to make sure you see recent updates. You can also follow us on X (ex-Twitter) here, or by using the hashtag @honesterotica, where we keep our more than 13k followers updated with new material as we add it. The more visitors we have, the more people will get to see the treasure trove that is honesterotica.

Thank you!