An alternative revolution

12th April 2024

Despite what Cuban history says about its military heroes, today’s new artist Ariel Cabrera Montejo shows them as human beings with sensual desires. Using the language and techniques of impressionism, he creates colourful new erotic works; see them now by clicking here.

The weirdnesses of sex

8th April 2024

Today’s new artist is the Canadian Claire Milbrath, whose brightly coloured faux-naïf paintings explore the world of contemporary dating and sexuality with a unique blend of observation and humour. Enjoy Claire’s work now by clicking here.

The bigger the better

3rd April 2024

Today’s new artist, Klaus Lelek, has two passions – large naked women and great stories for them to participate in. Plus a wonderfully idiosyncratic way with words! See no fewer than eight of his highly distinctive erotic tales now by clicking here.

Fin de siècle style

1st April 2024

The prolific French lithographer, engraver and illustrator Léon Lebègue was not particularly known for edgy erotica, but was not averse to a little nudity if that was what was wanted. See his stylish work now by clicking here.

Back in the USSR

30th March 2024

Apparently ‘there was no sex in the USSR’, but after glasnost there was an outpouring of sexual energy, most often by men. Alevtina Pyzhova was the exception, representing a channel of the repressed sexual energy of Soviet women. See her work now by clicking here.


28th March 2024

There’s a bar down by the harbour, where Juju, Fanfan, Violette and Framboise hang out with their friends – this is the chosen setting for Sylvain Lainé’s erotic world of scantily-dressed women and their imagined lives. Join today’s new artist now by clicking here.

The naked truth

23rd March 2024

Lilly Hill paints large naked women based on her own body. Her style is reminiscent of Renaissance art, but her subject matter is the relationship between physicality and sexuality, honesty and acceptance, power and presence. See her work now by clicking here.

Earthly and heavenly desire

21st March 2024

Erotic art which captures the relationship of human desire with the energies of the natural and spiritual worlds – that’s the aim of today’s new artist, Alexandra von Hellberg. Joyful sex along with birds, sea creatures and angels! See her work now by clicking here.

Naughty, but nice

19th March 2024

Today’s new artist is the French painter and printmaker Jules-Armand Hanriot, with his 1882 etchings for Charles Aubert’s racy series of novelettes Les Nouvelles Amoureuses (The New Lovers). Edgy then and rather sweet now, you can see them all by clicking here.

Lessons in love

17th March 2024

Specialist Paris publishers in the 1930s never missed an opportunity to pair a risqué text with a well-known artist, hence Umberto Brunelleschi’s colourful plates for René Boylesve’s Love Lesson in a Park, featuring as much naked female flesh as possible. See them all now by clicking here.