Kitsch or cool?

26th July 2021

Some people like his work, others think he’s just borderline-porn kitsch. We tend towards the latter, but the jury is out, and we’ve just added three more portfolios for Édouard Chimot which you can see here. Let us know what you think.

The ultimate Paris-noir

24th July 2021

With the help of a Russian friend, we have now added all of Nicole Claveloux’s wonderful dark illustrations for Confessions d’un monte-a-l’aire. What an artist, what imagination! See them all here and marvel.

Clitoris incarnadine

17th July 2021

Clitoris empourprés, what a lovely description. If you’re fortunate enough to have – or be acquainted with – an encrimson’d, roseate, incarnadine pearl of female passion, you’ll appreciate today’s new offering – see it here.

The quintessential threesome

16th July 2021

A new portfolio today from one of your favourite illustrators, André Collot – his 1933 suite for Musset’s Gamiani, one of the all-time classics of erotic literature. See them now here. Enjoy!

The power of sex

10th July 2021

Today’s new artist is the Russian-raised Frankfurt-based illustrator Alexander Pavlenko, with his powerful interpretations of Sade and his witty observations on exhibitionism. An imaginative talent worth keeping track of, you can see his erotic work here.

Formidable Russian talent

9th July 2021

Not many people know that the pioneering Russian film-maker Sergei Eisenstein – he of Battleship Potemkin and Alexander Nevsky – also produced more than 5,000 erotic drawings, displaying skill, imagination and humour. See a great selection of them now by clicking here.

Dream on

8th July 2021

Time for a woman’s take on erotic fantasy, the twenty-two-year old Hungarian artist Margit Gaal’s 1920 Songes Galantes – Courageous Dreams. Dreams like these are worth having! See them now here.

The ultimate transgressions

7th July 2021

Experimenter, iconoclast, bon viveur (he has his own vineyard), and a wicked sense of humour – that’s today’s new artist, Eric Provoost. See his Bataille Histoire d l’oeil portfolio and his wonderful erotic alphabets here.

Exploring transgression

6th July 2021

Today’s new artist, Paris-based visionary Yves Milet-Desfougères, maybe requires a bit more visual attention than some, but his imaginative and detailed portfolios based on transgressive texts by Batailles and Sade are well worth the effort. See them here.

Hot nights, cold hearts …

5th July 2021

A French chambermaid’s explicit diary, or hot nights in the Caribbean? That’s what’s on offer from today’s new illustrator, Charles-Auguste Edelmann, who produced this art in the 1930s. You can read all about him and see his talented work here.