Sturm und Angst

23rd June 2021

A second intriguing album of 1920s erotic grotesque drawings by the mysterious Pipifax has recently emerged from the shadows. There’s a right royal battle of the sexes going on here, so who did kill cock robin? Was it the women? See them all now here.

The king of erotic fantasy illustration

22nd June 2021

Several of our regular visitors have made it clear that they would love to see some Luis Royo artwork on the website, so today we have pleasure in directing you to his Prohibited series here, which includes some of his most explicit work to date. Enjoy!

For you – and for me …

20th June 2021

A delightful new portfolio today from Léon Courbouleix, his 1935 illustrated seduction ode Pour Toi, Pour Moi (For You, For Me). Some of his best and well-observed line drawings. See them here.

The gay life

19th June 2021

Continuing the homoerotic theme of yesterday, today’s new artist is the Russian-born but American-adopted Pavel Tchelitchev, with his tender and sometimes magical gay encounters. You can see them all here.

The mid-century gay scene in Berlin

18th June 2021

Ernst Hildebrand’s drawings of the Berlin gay scene in the 1930s and 40s are a record of a time when homosexuality was banned, but was a regular source of income for male prostitutes, especially pretty (and often malnourished) ones. See his work now here.

Eroticism that relies on the interaction of black and white

17th June 2021

Loïc Dubigeon is widely regarded as one of the masters of erotic drawing of the second half of the twentieth century, and today we have added more than 100 new drawings from his Manuel de Civilité and Soumission. You can see all his powerful work here.

Going down – women’s underparts, soft bits, etc …

16th June 2021

Our friends at Talisman Gallery have found another collection of Lynn Paula Russell's original illustrations for Going Down, which we are delighted to share with you here. What a brilliant and honest illustrator she is!

What the butler saw …

15th June 2021

Good morning all! Back from our seaside holiday much refreshed and generally more optimistic. Today’s new portfolio is an early one from the ever-popular André Collot, his 1927 Les voyeurs, which you can see here. No doubting what was on his mind …

When knickers were new and exciting …

6th June 2021

Two lovely new Hérouard portfolios today for all you lovers of vintage frilly knickers – Their Knickers: How They Wear Them from 1923, and The Jewel Case from 1939. My goodness, Hérouard knew how to tantalise his audience! See them now here.

Safe from the storm?

4th June 2021

A cautionary tale today from Otto Schatz, a dark visual narrative from post-war Vienna mirroring the unsure security of the time as well as some very non-consensual sex. See it here, and be suitably shocked.