Planning to excite

3rd March 2024

Today’s new artist is another known much better for their other achievements, in this case the architect/planner Le Corbusier. But he was also a talented painter – and loved women. Hence his large, and largely unknown, output of erotic art. See it now by clicking here.

All you need is love

28th February 2024

Everyone will have heard of today’s new artist, though most will not have seen John Lennon’s complete 1970 print portfolio Bag One, celebrating his new-found sexual intimacy with Yoko Ono. See all of John’s erotic work now by clicking here.

Real or surreal?

19th February 2024

Scott G. Brooks’ work borders on the surreal, ranging from portraiture to complex narratives, incorporating historical and religious imagery with current social and political issues, and infusing them with a dark sense of humour. See his work now by clicking here.

The best medicine?

17th February 2024

‘When I’m making a drawing,’ says today’s new artist Mitsu Okubo, ‘the first thing I think of is whether someone will find it humorous.’ Okubo’s collections of drawings and collages certainly encourage double-takes! See his work now by clicking here.

Love and war

15th February 2024

How did love and sexual intimacy coexist with violence and oppression in the slavery culture of the early USA? And how does that legacy affect us today? These are the themes of today’s new artist, Kara Walker, with her powerful and stark images. See her work now by clicking here.

Simple, yet powerful

13th February 2024

A talented master of the simple yet powerful artforms of stencil and linocut, today’s new artist, Amsterdam-based Eddy Varekamp, very effectively demonstrates how less can often convey much more. See Varekamp’s work now by clicking here.

Beware the shadows …

9th February 2024

A bit kitsch and stereotyped maybe, but the work of today’s new artist, Italian Loris Vercelli, is quite fun and witty, and reminds us that the monsters are never far from the action. See Loris’s colourful contributions now by clicking here.

Are you the one?

8th February 2024

Feels like honesterotica could really do with some good, insightful publicity – do we have any brilliant journalist/bloggers among our followers who would like to write a great story? Rosie can’t wait to be interviewed! Email us if you’re up for it –

The meaning of life

7th February 2024

Is the work of the Finnish artist Kalervo Palsa crude and disgusting, or does it offer important insights into the human condition, sexuality and mortality? As today’s new artist, you can now see his wide-ranging portfolio by clicking here, and decide for yourself.

Belles amours

6th February 2024

A stylish and non-controversial amuse-bouche for you all today, Joseph Hémard’s 1935 gallery of famous lovers, in his trademark brightly-stencilled images. But why are only the women naked? Hmm. See them now by clicking here.