A scary erotic wonderland

23rd May 2022

The French artist Patrick Jannin, with his disturbing images of creatures of startling beauty, women with animal heads, animals with dreamy bodies, goddesses straight out of ancient myths, is today’s new addition. See all his remarkable work now by clicking here. Enjoy!

Small wonders

21st May 2022

The erotic ex libris or bookplate has grown enormously in popularity, and today we bring you the remarkable work of the Ukrainian artist David Bekker, who died earlier this year. Imaginative, technically brilliant, you can see his miniature masterpieces now at by clicking here.

Oriental pleasures

17th May 2022

We can never have enough of Paul-Émile Bécat’s wonderful illustrations, and today we bring you his 1956 engravings for Fortunio, Théophile Gautier’s magical fantasia of the orient recreated in 1830s Paris. See them all now by clicking here.

Doodles at the end of the world?

13th May 2022

Most of us enjoy doodling on odd bits of paper, but today’s new artist takes the form to a new dimension. See Jonathan Guthmann’s hilarious phallic doodles, plus his remarkable Book of Revelations engravings, now by clicking here. Laugh and be in awe …

Stylish orientalism

12th May 2022

Today’s newcomer to @honesterotica is the Russian-French painter, graphic artist and sculptor Génia Minache, who came to book illustration relatively late in life. See her stylish paintings for the Kama Sutra, Omar Khayyám and more by clicking here.

New Apollonia!

11th May 2022

A treat for all Apollonia Saintclair lovers today – Volume 5 of Ink is My Blood is ready, and you can see a large selection from the collection by clicking here. As film director Anthony Byrne writes in the introduction, ‘Let her set you free’.

Are art and the erotic inseparable?

5th May 2022

At last – Picasso! Not just his erotic paintings, but the three amazing series of erotic etchings made in 1968 in his final fling of creativity when he was in his mid-80s. What an artist, what an impossible man, especially for women! See them all now by clicking here.

The source of life

4th May 2022

‘An artist of sensuality creating an authentic language – in his erotic cycle he reached the height of his talent’. That’s today’s new artist, the Cuban Servando Cabrera Moreno, with his intertwined naked bodyscapes. See them all now by clicking here, and be moved.

Thank you all!

2nd May 2022

Two landmarks for honesterotica in one weekend. Meeting some lovely people at Erotic Arts London – and reaching 10K, yes 10,000, Twitter followers. That’s you folks! Spread the word, let’s see how long it takes to reach 20K 😘

Not for the uninitiated …

28th April 2022

Another offering from Anon today, though if you know who ‘G. Rolland’ was maybe we can upgrade it. It’s a set of sweetly amateur drawings for a 1961 edition of the Kama Sutra, ‘interdit aux mineurs’ (forbidden for minors), which you can see now by clicking here. Enjoy!