Hooray, it’s Sin-day!

12th May 2021

If you like 1940s futuristic art, with plenty of bulging dynamic muscles and glistening buttocks, you’ll appreciate today’s new artist even though we don’t know who is behind the ‘Pinceau’ (Paintbrush) pseudonym. See Il Terzo Peccato (The Third Sin) now by clicking here.

You want some fantasy … ?

11th May 2021

Today’s new illustrator is the highly original Geneva-based artist Alain Babel, with his distinctive detailed pencil drawings featuring a lot of nudity but also cats, woodstoves, toilets and diving helmets. They’re worth spending some time with, and can all be seen here.

Young love à la Rojan

8th May 2021

A lovely new portfolio today from one of your all-time favourite artists, Rojan. His 1930-era young lovers are clearly enjoying getting to know each other intimately; is this what youthful sex should look like in a culture of shame-free sexual exploration? See the new images here.

One man’s fantasies!

3rd May 2021

An important new artist today, the Italian cartoonist and creator of fantasy images of the roaring 1920s and 30s Leone Frollo. See selections of his images from Bound to Please and The Women of Leone Frollo here. Enjoy!

The sex life of the Gods, updated

1st May 2021

You might think that Et Eros was a 1900s portfolio from Franz von Bayros, but it’s actually by Amadeus Dier, a brilliant 1920s Jugendstil take on the classic erotic portfolio, complete with erections and insertions. See Dier, today’s new artist, here.

Yet another mystery artist …

30th April 2021

Thaddeus of the Tight Balls (Taddeo de las Pelotas Tiesas) is today’s enigmatic new artist, with his 1925 portfolio Prince Eversharp, one of the bluntest phalli we have ever seen! But wit and graphic skill abound; enjoy these colourful prints here.

The pleasure of the terrible …

29th April 2021

Sometimes it can be the appalling amateurism of an artist that gives erotic imagery a welcome earthiness and brings a smile to our faces. So it is with today’s new artist, the mysterious 1920s Mitja Leytho, with his awful drawing and gaudy colours. See his attempts at art here.

O l’amour!

28th April 2021

Today’s new artist is the legendary cartoonist André Barbe, with his very French take on love and life and his trademark cinematographic transforming narratives. See a great cross-section of his imaginative work here. Enjoy!

Once upon a time …

27th April 2021

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Frog King, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White – but not the way we were told them as children! Today’s new artist is Rudolf Keller, with his imaginative 1919 portfolio of erotic fairy tales. See them now by going here. Enjoy!

Tales from Sodom

26th April 2021

If you like the idea of Bolloximion, king of Sodom, and Cuntigratia, his queen, you’ll probably enjoy the stylish illustrations of the Jugendstil artist Julius Klinger, almost unbelievably created in 1909. See his work now and be amazed!