Rural romps

30th March 2023

A new portfolio today from Schem (Raoul Serres), better known as a French postage stamp designer but with a secret sideline in erotica! It’s his Little Cousins from 1948, which you can see all of now by clicking here.

Painting the passion

29th March 2023

‘It is assumed that works of art that exalt the eroticism of the female body must have originated in the eyes of a man: my passion for the human form proves this assumption emphatically wrong.’ This is the strong personal statement of today’s new artist, Inge Clayton, whose work can be found by clicking here.

Going down …

27th March 2023

We stay with Pierre Louÿs this morning, and the inimitable Rojan’s 1927 illustrations to accompany Louÿs’ Pybrac, which has been called ‘one of the filthiest books of poetry ever published’. You be the judge – click here to see them all. Enjoy!

Pas devant les enfants

26th March 2023

The poet Pierre Louÿs and the artist Louis Berthomme Saint-André are the perfect over-the-top partnership for the 1946 portfolio Poésies Érotiques. Every scene demonstrates the pair’s utterly outrageous erotic imagination. You can see them all now by clicking here. Enjoy!

The spices of (erotic) life

25th March 2023

A new helping of erotic humour today from the inventive illustrator André Collot, his 1955 portfolio ÉpicesSpices. Did you know that in French ‘confesses’ (confessions) can be divided into ‘con’ (cunt) and ‘fesses’ (buttocks)? See the whole shebang by clicking here.


23rd March 2023

And here’s the second complete high-resolution update – Frans de Geetere’s stark 1928 etchings for the story of two adolescent schoolgirls exploring their sexuality, Un été à la campagne. See them all now by clicking here.

The oldest profession

23rd March 2023

With many thanks to a Californian collector, we now have pleasure in updating a couple of important folios to complete high-resolution series – click here for the inimitable Rojan’s 1935 Examen de Flora. Can Flora become an exemplary prostitute?

French frolics

22nd March 2023

Subtly titillating rather than explicitly erotic, that’s today’s new portfolio from the French artist Gaston Barret. It’s his 1952 illustrations to Jean de La Fontaine’s ever-so-slightly-naughty seventeenth-century tales. See them all now by clicking here.

Consensuality …

21st March 2023

Today’s new artist, the Swiss nonogenarian Boris Vansier, raises many contemporary issues around consent and artist-model relationships with his Offrandes (Offerings). Made over a remarkable seventy years, you can see his thought-provoking work now by clicking here.

Our own little world

15th March 2023

The closed eyes and tight embraces of Nicoletta Tomás Caravía’s lovers demonstrate how sensual passion can sometimes be all-consuming. Today’s new artist, you can see Nicoletta’s lovers now by clicking here.