Alternative mythologies

25th May 2024

Classical, transgressive, often controversial – this is today’s new artist, Lisbon-based Barahona Possollo. His almost photo-realistic canvases explore our understanding of what we mean by ‘art’ and what we think is ‘acceptable’ – see his work now by clicking here.

Fit for a queen

23rd May 2024

Chéri Hérouard is best known for his spanking illustrations, but he was also a talented colourist for more conventional erotic classics. Today we bring you all 64 plates from the Queen of Navarre’s renaissance epic the Heptameron – see them now by clicking here.

A man’s man

21st May 2024

Today’s new artist, Paris-based Benoît Prévot, is best known for his period-style homoerotic artwork, skilfully capturing the style and atmosphere of illustrations produced in the 1920s but with a very explicit twist. See Benoît’s work now by clicking here.

Strange beauty

13th May 2024

His bizarre naked creatures penetrate our consciousness and make us think about something otherworldly, mystical, leading to reflections on the true nature of beauty. This is today’s new artist, Ukrainian Konstantin Antioukhin. See his remarkable etchings now by clicking here.

Songs of lesbian love

11th May 2024

A new portfolio today from the Sapphic (aka lesbian) artist Mariette Lydis – her 1948 etchings to accompany Pierre Louÿs’ Les chansons de Bilitis. Sweet and gently erotic, see the whole portfolio now by clicking here.

Un gran artista erótico

9th May 2024

Atención! Would one of our kind Spanish followers help us to research and source the work of Eusebi Planas (1833–97), especially the complete Historia de una Mujer and El Noble Arte del Billar y Noble Juego del Tresillo? Here is a good place to start – … Email us at if you can help. Gracias!

Innocence and experience

8th May 2024

A big one for you all today with our new artist – was Balthus’s fascination with semi-naked teenage girls really just about purity and innocence, or were his motivations more suspect? Judge for yourself; we have a large collection of his work by clicking here.

Japanese grotesque

6th May 2024

Elaborate conceptions of strange creatures, naked people, occult motifs and mythological connotations, all brought together in complex and detailed scenes of majestic horror – that’s today’s new Japanese artist, Shin Taga. See his exciting work now by clicking here.

Howdy pardner!

2nd May 2024

They ain’t all prudes in the US deep south. Today’s new artist, Tatiana von Tauber, shows those Savannah, Georgia, folks how to embrace their desires. See her in-your-face colourful paintings now by clicking here. Enjoy!

Bears and cubs

30th April 2024

For a feast of gay fantasy (and maybe a bit of autobiography?), enjoy the work of today’s new artist, upstate New Yorker Neil Lavey, with any number of bear/cub encounters in dark places. See Neil’s work now by clicking here.