Sunny days, naked skin

4th March 2021

Some light relief for you all today, as we start to imagine light at the end of the viral tunnel and sunny days on the beach – Images d’Amour, the last colourful portfolio of the great Marcel Vertès. Bask in the warmth; the portfolio is here.

Simple rural pleasures

3rd March 2021

Today’s new artist (and the 200th on the site, what a landmark!) is Georges Kars, and his sketchbook of (imagined?) encounters on the Eastern Front during WW1. See his Huzules Intimes here, and enjoy their simple artistry.

Michel Fingesten, printmaker extraordinaire

2nd March 2021

Michel Fingesten is one of the most original and productive graphic artists and bookplate designers of the mid-twentieth century, and we have just added many of his best and most thought-provoking erotic images, which you can see here. Marvel and enjoy!

Annie and Nibbil go exploring …

26th February 2021

New sexy lesbian pleasures today from Colleen Coover’s delightful comic book Small Favors. Meet Annie and Nibbil and join them in their shared exploration – then buy the book! All is revealed here.

Woman of the world (and closet lesbian?)

24th February 2021

Though her best erotic work was produced a century ago, the Vienna-born internationalist Lene Schneider-Kainer was a thoroughly modern woman who would probably not have felt out of place today. Read all about her, and see her lesbian-inspired work, here.

Is sex a mistake?

23rd February 2021

We’ve just added one of the rare classics of erotic illustration, the 1926 Errors of Love by the mysterious J B de Lapin; does the ‘rabbit’ pseudonym suggest concern about the actual purpose of sex? See the whole portfolio here, and discuss among yourselves.

Twilight and rebirth – sex and art at the turn of the twentieth century

22nd February 2021

Edward Munch, Vampir (Vampire), 1895   Around the year 1900, and increasingly into the early years of the twentieth century, there was something of a sexual identity crisis in society generally and in art particularly.

Long-held assumptions about male dominance and virility and female passivity… read more

Free and easy in Nice!

21st February 2021

The freely-drawn modernist art of Sylvain Vigny is today's new offering, with an inspirational Mediterranean take on la vie erotique. He demonstrates that you can produce great erotic art without taking immense care to ‘get it right’! See his work here.

A courageous and daring artist

20th February 2021

Today’s new artist, Erich Godal, was an important figure in both the artistic and political history of the twentieth century, both for his simple erotic art and his courage as a radical cartoonist. See his work here and learn all about him.

Encounter in the park

19th February 2021

When the Hungarian-born artist Marcel Vertès died in 1961, Alex Székely created this testimonial to his long-time friend and fellow-traveller in the byways of erotic art – and he drew it in Vertès’ own pared-down style. A simple story simply told: see it here. Enjoy!