Your all-time favourites

So, honesterotica is very nearly two years old, and already we’ve welcomed nearly 80,000 unique visitors, who collectively have viewed over 4 million images. Not bad eh?

We thought you might like to know what you and your fellow visitors have found most attractive during the time we’ve been going. Why not revisit them and see if you agree?

Of our thousand or so portfolios, by far the most often visited are:

And your favourite erotic artists? Interestingly the top five – Lynn Paula Russell, Paul-Emile Bécat, Suzanne Ballivet, Loïc Dubigeon and Martin van Maele – are way out in front of all the rest. When we included Lynn Paula Russell (formerly the erotic actor Paula Meadows) we had no idea that she was still so popular; she is certainly very special in terms of her erotic imagination and artistic talent. And good to have two women in the top five – we’ve always know that women are just as good at men when it comes to honest erotic imagination!

The complete list of your favourite illustrators, together with the number of visits to their main pages to date (this doesn’t include individual portfolio and image visits), looks like this:

  • Lynn Paula Russell    21,931
  • Paul-Émile Bécat    15,381
  • Suzanne Ballivet    14,023
  • Loïc Dubigeon    12,721
  • Martin van Maele    12,031
  • Anon    6,539
  • Gerda Wegener    6,079
  • Alex Szekely    5,820
  • Rojan    5,678
  • Leon Courbouleix    5,263
  • Luc Lafnet    4,677
  • Mihaly Zichy    4,544
  • Jean Dulac    4,473
  • Franz von Bayros    4,028
  • Betty Dodson    3,861
  • Amandine Doré    3,800
  • John Buckland Wright    3,576
  • Mario Tauzin    3,347
  • Albert Dubout    3,116
  • Marcel Vertés    3,078
  • George Barbier    2,878
  • Serge Czerefkov    2,875
  • Umberto Brunelleschi    2,733
  • Norman Lindsay    2,635
  • Peter Fendi    2,630
  • Erich von Gotha    2,596
  • Charles Raymond    2,548
  • Leonor Fini    2,504
  • Tavy Notton    2,410
  • Mariette Lydis    2,378
  • Gilbert Garnon    2,370
  • Joe Phillips    2,316
  • Frans de Geetere    2,311
  • Clara Tice    2,250
  • Thomas Rowlandson    2,250
  • Edouard Chimot    2,144
  • Monica Guevara    2,066
  • Gustave Assire    1,999

However long you’ve spent exploring the riches to be found on the website, there’s always more! We shall keep putting up new material as we find it – and as you tell us about it. And if you’re a talented erotic artist with a portfolio you’d like us to think about including, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Looking forward to the next two years!