Your favourites – the first contribution is in already!

It’s been less than a week since we invited you to tell us which of the thousands of images on the honesterotica website are your all-time favourites, and Dave is the first to respond, we hope the first of many. Here are his choices, and why they particularly please him.

Now it’s your turn! Your favourite five images. Please read the instructions here carefully, which will make our life much easier!

We particularly want to hear from a wide range of our visitors. Female, male, in-between, none of the above. French, German, American, Russian, wherever you live. Variety is the spice of life, especially of the sensual life.

Don’t delay, start choosing and writing today! Sharing is caring …

Dave’s Choices

This Betty Dodson illustration speaks volumes about the thing I’ve most enjoyed doing for the woman in my life – right from the beginning.
I like that this is evocative of physical, sexual me at fifteen – aroused, awestruck, and still growing! A drawing by Areko Martiánez.
When I was fifteen, one morning I went to wake my eleven-year-old sister for school, finding her naked and asleep. She’d obviously masturbated herself to sleep, and it was powerfully arousing to see that girls did it too! This illustration by KiKo (Manuel Fernandez) reminds me of that time.

This illustration by Gaston Goor makes me wonder how the trajectory of my sex life might be different if I’d ever been inclined to be a gay or bi teenager. 
This drawing, also by Betty Dodson, is a favourite because it celebrates raw, intimate sex – I feel the vibes of total connection storming from this couple. I’ve been there. It’s special.