Your favourites, Part 2

More of our regular visitors have written to us with their five favourite images from the site, Georges and Sir Javier. You can see their choices below.

There’s still plenty of time to tell us which are your five absolute favourites, and why. We really would like to hear from a variety of different people, as we’re fascinated by what folks of various genders, colours and cultures find especially erotic. You’ll find the information and instructions about how to submit your choices here. Don’t delay, do it today!

Georges’ choices

So, here are Georges’ choices. Thank you Georges!

My first choice celebrates the reign of imagination, the 1890 ‘Incantation’ by Félicien Rops.

Ah! le corps des femmes! From Paul-Emile Bécat’s La leçon d’amour, 1951.

Milo Manara is very close to imagining the perfection of my own sensibility! From The Model, 2001. 

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri’s Druuna brings life to the marble.

And finally Samarel’s making love – ‘Art of Fuck’ celebrates the joy of happy lovemaking!

Sir Javier’s choices

And here are Sir Javier’s (@_SirJavier_ on Twitter).

Look at the faces and bodies in this Solano López page. You can feel the flesh, imagine resting your hands on the skin.

Leone Frollo’s women are amazing. What personality she has, how much in control she is. I love the feminine hand gesture holding the cigar, and the legs spread with the warmth of her bush in between.

Jan van Rijn’s illustrations have such horror art vibes, the almost absence of pupils, and how the white shines through the black is so gorgeous. I love her hand at the back, how her breasts are pressed down and forward, and the chain around her throat is drawn in such beautiful detail.

Tom Poulton’s drawing is so good! The woman on the right watches the other two kissing, inviting her – and you – in. She’s ready to be fucked, and the other woman isn’t even undressed.

Apollonia Saintclair takes the best of Manara, Moebius and others, and adds such a personal and fantastic erotic dimension. The fantasy and interpretation of body parts is unique. I love her work.