Your favourites, Part 3

Another set of favourite images, this time from Aly.

There’s still plenty of time to tell us about your favourite images, so choose yours today and head for the information about how to send your contribution, which you’ll find here. We’re all part of this important project, and your input matters …

With their contribution, Aly wrote ’Thank you for the work, time and effort you put into maintaining such a vast collection of erotic art online! I’m sure it brings a lot of people together; such an important job to do.’ Thank you, Aly! And thanks to all our lovely followers.

Aly’s choices

My first choice is by Sigismunds Vidbergs – a stark avant garde style, showing people so close but also so estranged. Seeking closure in times of detachment and turmoil is something that has inspired many artists.

My second is by Sylvain Sauvage, with Casanova roaming the streets at night rather than showing him in the act with a new lover. A lonely figure searching for adventure in the empty streets. So telling.

My third one is by Jean Cocteau. I love his sailor drawings. This sailor is handless, his veins bulging on his arms. His face looks sad and detached, but also wistful. The writing on his chest says ‘No chance’. Is he a human of flesh and bone, or a monument of stone? I like it when an artist says so much with only a few powerful lines.

The fourth one is by Elie Grekoff, from Tiresias, showing two youths exploring one another. I love this minimalist style. The star-shaped nipples are a cute and fun detail – they make Grekoff’s drawings special, and help his characters stand out. Again we can feel both joy and melancholy in these lovers.

My last is by Leo Fontan, from Point de lendemain. I love this whole set of drawings, how playful the characters are. They clearly enjoy each other and don’t want to stop. Fontan’s illustrations are fun, cheeky and graceful, while all the while being explicitly sexual.