Your favourites, Part 4

Another set of favourite images, from Cees in The Netherlands.

Now you have just a few days to tell us about your favourites, so choose them today and head for the information about how to send your contribution, which you’ll find here.

Cees writes, ‘What I expect from erotic illustrations is that they show me a scene in which participants are having a good time, where there is trust and passion, and where there’s respect for each other. I would actually have found it easier to find five pictures I don't like than five that I do!’

Cees’ choices

My first image is from Robert Auer’s 1906 Mlada Ljubav  – they obviously love each other and each other’s bodies.

My second choice is from Eduard-Henri Avril’s Fanny Hill – a couple of young people in love, shamelessly exploring one another.

From the first moment I laid eyes on Suzanne Ballivet’s Initiations amoureuse I've been in love with it!

Despite not being gay myself, I find this image from Elie Grekoff’s Teresias a beautiful, loving and passionate erotic scene.

And my final image is from Mark Blanton’s Satyromania – love, respect, pleasure and beauty.