Your favourites, Part 5 (and last)

Welcome to the last of our ‘five favourite images’ blog posts, celebrating the goal of reaching 500 artists whose erotic work is now available on the honesterotica website (in fact 515 already!). This time it’s from our French friend Benjamin, who has already contributed his thoughts on what erotic art means to him – you’ll find those here. Thank you Benjamin.

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Benjamin’s choices

I like mythological images showing nymphs consciously and freely taking pleasure in the company of fauns or satyrs, as in this illustration by Gerda Wegener for Louis Perceau’s poem ‘Nymph and Satyr’ in Les délassements de l’Éros (1925).

I like this voyeuristic image by Charles Martin (1930), illustrating the story ‘Le cas de conscience’ from La Fontaine’s Contes et nouvelles en vers – a woman called Anne looks with interest at a man bathing naked. The illustrator cleverly draws our attention to Anne’s thighs.

Here is another image of voyeurism by Charles Martin, illustrating La Fontaine’s ‘Le fleuve Scamandre’. This time it is a man called Cimon, enjoying watching a naked woman bathing.

I love the erotic images of Alméry Lobel-Riche, whose style, both realistic and modern, was constantly perfected during his career. One of my favourite images of this artist is this cunnilingus scene from his Arabesques intimes of 1937, very intense and arousing.

From Calbet and Carlègle to Manara, the works of Pierre Louÿs have inspired many talented illustrators, as they often make it possible to imagine beautiful, evocative female nudes. Here is one image among many others – a difficult choice! – by Jacques Touchet (1937) for Les aventures du Roi Pausole.