The west-coast American artist Aarron Laidig hails from a talented artistic lineage, and art has been an integral part of his life from an early age. Starting as a painter in oils, he gradually transitioned to working predominantly with acrylic paints, though his artistic journey has been versatile, exploring a range of media including pen and ink, charcoal, and watercolours.

A self-trained artist who has always been surrounded by art, Laidig’s work is marked by a wide variety of styles. Embracing change and fluidity, he allows his moods and interests to influence his creative expressions. This approach keeps his art fresh, dynamic, and continuously evolving.

In his thirties he started to explore the realm of eroticism. Exploring the complexities of human relationships and sexuality, his work delves into the lives of individuals who break away from traditional societal norms, particularly in the context of non-monogamy. He passionately examines the idea of people living in conventional marriages who dare to explore alternative ways of connecting with others. Through his art he challenges prevailing notions of morality, finding fascination in the taboos surrounding unconventional relationships.

Aarron Laidig lives and works in the coastal town of Port Angeles in Washington state, overlooking the Salish Sea and Canadian Vancouver Island.

Aaron Laidig’s website can be found here, and his Instagram account here.


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