In 2007 a series of coloured drawings appeared on Tumblr, featuring children who had clearly been the recipients of a spanking or caning. Many are signed ‘Alina’, and with the purging of Tumblr the presence of this artist is now only visible on the internet as a single drawing on DeviantArt under the pseudonym ‘Alina-31’.

Alina’s biographical details are scant, but we do know that at the time the drawings appeared she was in her early forties, living in Germany, single, and enjoying skiing, reading and travelling. What we also know is that she chose to visualise her spanking fantasies using coloured pencils, and we get a clear sense that there is something autobiographical about the scenarios she depicts. Any words shown in the images are in rather anachronistic English, maybe a reference to the ‘English disease’ of corporal punishment.

The last image in the sequence , ‘Love Boat’, leaves us with some hope of a happy ending.

We would like to thank our Russian friend Yuri for introducing us to the work of this artist, and for providing the images.

Example illustration