Annika Lochtman came late to full-time art, having trained in law and spending several years working as a dishwasher. She grew up in Almelo in the Netherlands in a family which valued visits to galleries and museums, but though she wanted to go to art college her parents convinced her that becoming a notary offered a more reliable future, so she went to the Free University in Amsterdam to study law.

Fast forward several years, and her dream to become a painter gradually became a reality as she immersed herself in the art and artists she met in museums and exhibitions. In her free time at night she met and frequented the world of artists, where she was able to study and learn painting techniques.

One of these artists, Toussaint Essers, became her main teacher and inspiration, and together they developed the colourful free style for which they are both known. In 2015 they expanded their collaboration into a relationship, sharing studio space and exhibitions. They now live and work in Maastricht. Numerous exhibitions followed in the Netherlands, and also in Portugal.

Annika Lochtman’s Facebook page, where she regularly shows new work, is here.

We are very grateful to our Russian friend Yuri for introducing us to this artist, and for supplying most of the images.


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