Juan Bernardo Muñoz Serrano grew up in Lubrín, near Almería in southern Spain. He published his first comic strip in the magazine Viñetas in 1995, and joined the staff of the Italian magazine Selen, for whom he produced in 1998 the first short stories which would constitute the album Déviances. A French version, Canicules (Heatwaves), published in 1999 by Vents d’Ouest, introduced French speakers to his work. Mixing sexuality and tragedy, he was published in the Spanish magazines El Víbora and Kiss Comix, part of which appeared in French under the title La poudre aux rêves (The Stuff of Dreams).

In 2009 Muñoz combined his pencil with the pen of Javier Cosnava to create Fatalidad (Fatalities) and Un Buen Hombre (A Good Man). In 2011, Unidos en la Division (United in Diversity) appeared in the collection Nuevas Hazañas Bélicas (The New Warrior Exploits) in association with Hernán Migoya, who wrote the narrative.

In 2021, in collaboration with writer Théa Rojzman, Bernardo Muñoz produced a compelling graphic story Scum: La tragédie Solanas (Scum: The Solanas Tragedy), about the 1968 assassination attempt on Andy Warhol by the radical feminist Valerie Solanas, founder of the Society for Cutting Up Men.

We are very grateful to our friend Gérard Coron for introducing us to the work of this artist.

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