Kimberly Wilder is the female presentation of a transgender artist whose work appeared regularly on Tumblr in the mid-2000s, and was picked up on many erotica websites as being particularly imaginative and thought-provoking of its genre. Sadly, growing censorship and prudery has driven Kimberly’s art underground, but it seems that, by the time the flow of new art had petered out, the drawings had done most of their useful work for the artist.

The rationale for Kimberly Wilder’s art is best explained in the artist’s own words, from a 2006 internet posting: 
I'm American-born and Belgium-raised, and now I’m living and working in London. I’ve been exploring dressing as a woman as long as I can remember – from around the age of five or six I can remember dressing in my mum’s and sister’s things and loving it. I’m well-endowed and uncut; sexually I guess I’m kind of a male lesbian. I have strong feeling for girls like myself, and I’m not particularly interested in men.
     I’m somewhat of a dreamer but also a realist, a lover but not a fool. I’m a passionate person, kind of a bad boy/girl with a wicked sense of humour. I’m a fun-loving workaholic who is career-driven. I’m just narcissistic enough to know my good looks, so I take care of them. I’m hot, I’m cool, I’m sexy, and I feel so lucky to be me.
     I’ve  been through some rough times with my exploration, but in my early forties I came to accept Kimberly for who she is. Her outward journey began in late 2000 in Sydney, where she lived for five months 24/7 as woman. It’s a shame I came out so late in life, spending much of it in the closet. I knew I could pass well, but as I got closer to that moment of revelation I would fall into the grips of a purge, only to start anew months later.
     All that confusion is now behind me – Kimberly has now found her place after wanting a life as a porn actress/drag queen/transsexual model. After all this London and money called, and I had to leave all the dreaming behind. I don’t miss all I could have been – it is through my art that I have been fully able to explore the happiness and opportunities of being Kimberly!

A massive collection of Kimberly Wilder’s art can be found on the E-Hentai website here, while an extended appreciation of her artwork is here.

We are grateful to our Russian friend Yuri for introducing us to the work of this artist.



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