Marko Reynard was a printer and bookbinder by trade, specialising in fine printing and with a keen eye for the detailed work involved in the creation of beautiful everyday items like banknotes and postage stamps. He grew up in south London, the only child of a middle-class family, gained a degree in art history from York University, and on leaving university travelled extensively in Europe.

During an extended stay in Zürich he became apprenticed to a binder and restorer of fine books, and it was from his master, Thomas Jacobsen, that he learned the arts of engraving and lithography. After Zürich, he moved to Granada, where he taught and practiced his craft, slowly developing a name for himself as an artist craftsman producing bespoke bindings for discriminating clients.

His erotic work is limited to this one portfolio, which started in a small way as an experiment, and gradually grew into an extensive collection shared only with a select and privileged few.


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