The Hungarian artist Nándor Guncser was first and foremost a landscape artist, who grew up in Hódmezővásárhely in southern Hungary and trained at the Budapest College of Fine Arts with Tivadar Zemplényi before continuing his studies in Venice and Florence.

During the First World War he edited a book of cartoons, Apuka levelei a harctérről (A Father’s Letters from the Battlefield). In 1918 he settled in Kolozsvár in Transylvania, and in 1921 was one of the founders of the Artists’ Club of Cluj. From 1924 he was a member of the Artists’ Union of Bucharest, and in 1936 a founder member of the Artistic Congress of Baia Mare.

Téli Táj (Winter Landscape), 1930

As well as being a painter, he contributed cartoons and illustrations to a number of magazines and newspapers, including the daily Ellenzék.

Example illustration