The Valencia-based Spanish artist Nicoletta Tomás Caravía, who often goes simply by the name Nicoletta, is a self-taught painter, the daughter of a Spanish father and a Greek mother. Having first thought she would become a veterinarian, in her mid-twenties she started experimenting with pastels, and gradually recognised that creating art was her chosen path. As she writes on her website, ‘Painting has been growing in me and I in it, we go hand in hand because it is an intimate language between me and my soul. I learn with it. I inhabit the realm of form to let deep feelings speak, mirrors of my world to the world, from outside to inside and from inside to outside. The battlefield always within me, and the imagination as my companion.’

Nicoletta’s drawings, paintings and engravings explore psychological and spiritual depths, in series including ‘Certainty’, ‘Remember’, and ‘Windows of the Soul’. As she explains in a 2020 interview with Carlos Ibañez and Pilar Cañibano, ‘At each moment my intention has always been to listen to myself, even without being fully aware. But you have to know how to differentiate between internal noise and what really corresponds to your essence. Everything is learning, and it does not end. During the journey you come to understand that it is vital to remove unnecessary weights, suffering and fears, and try to acquire a capacity for self-analysis, which is your best help to remain in contact with your pure essence. Authenticity requires constant attention. Even apparently sterile times can help the process, taking time to know who you are and what you want to do. It can translate into a blank stage, but it is also a transition, and the battlefield can often be somewhere else, deeper within yourself. We are very complex, and have many layers.’

Nicoletta started exhibiting in 2000, and her works now appear regularly in her native Spain, and also in Italy, Taiwan and the USA.

Nicoletta’s website can be found here.

We are very grateful to our Russian friend Yuri for introducing us to the work of this artist.

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