Pablo Gallo is a talented and versatile Galician artist with a rare eye for seeing connections between art, performance, and what it means to be human. He grew up in A Coruña in north-west Spain and studied at the Pablo Picasso School of Art, then at the Massana School of Art in Barcelona. After leaving college he moved to Bilbao, the home of the renowned Guggenheim Gallery, and continued to draw and paint; as he says of himself, drawing for him is akin to living.

Gallo likes to work solidly on a particular theme, and it his 2007–9 work on erotic voyeurism that we concentrate on here. Since the publication of El libro del voyeur (The Voyeur’s Book) he has written and illustrated several further book projects, and his growing reputation has resulted in exhibitions, magazine commissions, and art-based performances, both in Spain and internationally.

Introductions at the Out-of-the-Body Workshop

Pablo Gallo’s website can be found here, where you can see much more of his work and current projects. An imaginative spirit well worth watching and supporting.


Example illustration