The son of highly musical parents, René Marcel Rivière began early to realise his double talent – music and painting. To many young Austrians he is as well known as a drummer and percussionist in local bands as he is as an artist.

Rivière studied at the Universität für angewandte Kunst (Academy of Applied Arts) in Vienna, and quickly gained a reputation as a freelance painter, graphic artist and sculptor. He has worked in a wide variety of media, but all his works include an element of metaphysical exploration.

As he explains, questioning seeks its own way for every artist. For him art is a mirror for the invisible aspect of reality, just as tangible as the reality of the more readily understandable, but by other means. Often the less explanation is sought, the more can be seen. ‘Works of art are perhaps the artist’s only possible attempt at liberation,’ he writes on his website, ‘but it is only valid for the duration of the creative period. This act of liberation is not necessarily a lonely self-centred one, even if the artist appears so.’

René Marcel Rivière lives and works with his artist partner Suzie Gump in the village of Aistersheim in north-east Austria. His website can be found here.

We are grateful to our Russian friend Yuri for introducing us to the work of this artist.

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