Saxkal is the pseudonym used by the talented and eclectic French artist Pascal Simon for his growing collection of intelligently-written and imaginatively-illustrated erotic comics as well as for his many other innovative projects. Simon grew up in Aubervilliers in the north-eastern suburbs of Paris, and studied art and illustration at the Sorbonne, graduating in 1982. He practised his artistic skills in a wide variety of settings, including illustrations for children’s books, cartoons, and even as a chocolate sculptor, before producing his first erotic volume, Meat Culpa, in 2016. He is also a multi-talented musician, his instruments being saxophone and guitar, and is the main inspiration behind the yurt-based music venue Les Songes du Chêne (The Dreams of Oaks) in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

Since Meat Culpa Saxkal has been busy producing a veritable stream of erotic albums, including Le petit carnet noir de Solange (Solange’s Little Black Book), two volumes of Ashram, Vol à l’étalage (Shoplifting), and Love Runner.

And why ‘Saxkal’? As Simon explains, ‘Saxkal is a nickname given to me involuntarily by Lorie, who at six years old pronounced my first name Saxkal instead of Pascal. I play the sax like that, and it stuck.’

Saxkal’s website, with links to all his many projects, can be found here.

We are very grateful to our friend Gérard Coron for introducing us to the work of this artist.

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