Simone Pinna is a self-taught artist from Sardinia who specialises in highly-detailed graphite drawings. His art explores the grace of women’s bodies and the rawness of human feelings through hybrid creatures – erotic fairies – who inhabit a distant and unknown universe. Pinna’s sensual fairies mirror the embodiment of desire, the erotic manifestation of nature, and the dark side of the natural world when it comes into contact with that of humans.

His artistic journey began at a young age when he started drawing insects he found in the courtyard beneath his house. He captured them, cared for them, and observed their behaviour, all dreaming of someday creating illustrated books as an entomologist. After leaving school he pursued studies in naval mechanics, earning a diploma, but a distaste for the conventional working world led him to resign from his employment.

He continued to develop his unique style of artwork, crafting drawings of grotesque creatures and alluring women that held an irresistible charm for him. ‘I’ve always had a passion for imagining and drawing,’ he says, ‘though honestly speaking the conventional art world never held much sway over me.’

He now dedicates himself to his art, diligently working on projects including the ever-growing encyclopaedia of erotic fairies, and an illustrated narrative on the theme of ‘The Diary of the Moth’. His creative process remained a separate, enigmatic sanctuary in his mind, providing solace and inspiration. He has a large and growing online following, and was the proud winner in the Erotic Arts London exhibition in September 2023.

Simone Pinna’s Instagram account, where you can see his most recent work, is here.


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