The Finnish artist Sirkku Rosi grew up in Tampere, and graduated as a Master of Arts from Aalto University in 2015. She is best known for her atmospheric and thought-provoking watercolours, though she is also interested and involved in performance art, and teaches art on a regular basis. In her own words, she is fascinated by the connections between bodily experience and creativity, seeing the lived body and art as a shared experience – a carnival of flesh.

The majority of her watercolours include naked bodies, sometimes interacting with each other but more often in relationship with the natural world. Her subjects’ pale bodies relate intimately with plants and water, and she has a particular interest in pissing in the open air, which as she says ‘is a beautiful moment where the body is connected to nature. When you piss outside, your fluids are simultaneously in your body and on the ground.’

Sirkku Rosi’s website can be found here, and her Instagram account here.

We are very grateful to our Russian friend Yuri for introducing us to the work of this artist.


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