After the publication of the Ink is My Blood trilogy in 2018, Apollonia wondered how to keep telling her story. Did she have start again with a new look, another format, a different way of showing her work, or should she continue the series much as before?

She chose to stay with the tried and tested format; hence Ink is My Blood Volume 4, which continues to share her drawings in a straightforward, authentic way. As before, one page leads to another, an idea generates the next, an image spawns a new one. As she explains, ‘It is a form of subliminal continuity that I offer, a mirror of my way of working – each drawing is individual, unique. Each is an island, yet together they form an archipelago, bathed by the arcane waters of an endless sea. An even better analogy is that each drawing is an atoll, the emerged part of an underwater peak, the transfigured remains of an extinct volcano, memories of an interior fire that time has transformed into a poetic cipher on the immaculate page of the ocean.’

Instead of starting with introductions by artists and critics as the previous volumes, Volume 4 of Ink is My Blood includes an erotic short story by the author Jehnny Beth.

If you would like to know more about Ink is My Blood Volume 4, including how to order it and associated prints and offers, Apollonia’s project site is here.