There are few things more beautiful than the bonds forged by people of all genders through love, romance and sex, skilfully seasoned according to taste.

Carolyn writes: ‘My paintings are predominantly concerned with human sexuality. My perspective begins poetically with me alone. It extends out to the mood of my models, then to my drawing, my painting, and ultimately to the living spaces of my patrons. I am utterly and unashamedly ecumenical in my fascination with the human form and the imaginative capacity for loving of its inhabitants. As I’ve loosed my work onto the world, I have encountered, confronted, defended, befriended and been befriended, while creating a virtuous circle of inspiration that flows back to me in direct proportion to my evolving ability to tell the truth about how things really are, how people might express themselves if they were as free in the rest of their lives as they are in my work.

What I set out to do in my painting and drawing is to provide a message of acceptance and tolerance – no judgements. It is one of the hardest lessons for us all to absorb. In the end my work is about self-acceptance, that our bodies, minds and souls are to be honoured. Our needs, cravings, fetishes and sexuality are all parts of us; we need to share our feelings honestly, not hide them.  If we hide them, we become criminals in our own minds. My focus is to show my audience that their feelings are far more normal than they probably realise, and to be accepting of who they are.’