It’s clear from this portfolio of watercolour drawings made when he was in his mid-fifties that the subject of sexual pleasure in the form of bondage and punishment was never far from Schatz’s mind. Extremes Vergnügen (Extreme Pleasures) is a series of original works from the large collection of D M Klinger, and was first published in Volume 11 of his extensive 1980s series Erotische Kunst in Europa, still a useful resource for erotic art and artists even though information, especially bibliographic background on many of the works’ creators, was thin on the ground at that time.

There are two distinct narratives within this series, one with just two participants, and the other in which two young women are introduced to bondage by a couple interested in the techniques of sado-masochism. How much consent is involved in the activities can only be guessed at, but in many ways this drawings feel more 1970s than 1950s. Schatz certainly knew how to draw.