In her series ‘Seeded and Soiled’, women are shown revelling in food and in each other. Octopus, watermelon, pomegranates and fish feature strongly, with all their juicy messiness. As she explains, ‘I picked food for these paintings because it closely resembles flesh, an extension of the flesh. In the midst of these explorations I try to make these ordinary substances and objects new to me, foreign to me, to reinvent them.’

The second series shown here is from ‘Ravished and Ravaged’, another photorealistic series in which naked women interact with what appear to be uniformed staff in pseudo-medical scenarios involving vacuum cleaners, oxygen cylinders, wheelchairs – and balloons.

What to make of them? As with much experimental and cutting-edge art, much of their point is to make us think and question how we see our world. In these paintings the focus is very much on questions of messiness and disgust, risk and consent, intervention and sharing, all in the context of a women-only setting.