Given how often male artists have created imagined scenes of lesbian intimacy, it is remarkably rare for women to have reciprocated the favour and given us a portfolio of men enjoying the varieties of gay sex; only Leonor Fini’s drawings for Jean Genet’s La galère come to mind.

Like the Alphabet Phallique drawings, these were included in the 2016 auction of the contents of the Musée de l’Érotisme at Cornette de Saint Cyr – the first ten are clearly intended as a series, plus five others including a fine portrait of four male torsos, two from the back and two from the front.

It would be interesting to know whether any of these drawings were made from life, as for example were Betty Dodson’s Cocks series; it is more likely that they were made from photographs. And did the artist have a particular penchant for drawing gay sex encounters, or were they made as a commission for purely financial reasons? Whatever their provenance, they are still fine artworks, leaving us wondering why more women artists do not imagine how men loving men might be depicted.