This, the first of two suites of erotic drawings to depart from Morisot’s first love of Ex Libris, is a mixed bag, but shows both that he was a talented artist and that he had a fertile erotic imagination. Douze images badines et facétieuses (Twelve Playful and Facetious Pictures) displays a range of techniques and styles, including a plate (the monkey cage) inspired by Musset’s Gamiani, and the black man who would appear later in Priapées.

An insert sheet includes this very explicit verse from Piron’s Ode à priape:

Que tout bande!! que tout s’embrace!
Accourez, putains et ribauds!
Que vois-je? oú suis-je? ô douce extase!
Les cieux n’ont point d’objets si beaux:
Des couilles en bloc arrondies,
Des cuisses fermes et bondies,
Des cons, des tétons et des mottes,
D’un torrent de foutre inondé.

All this stuff !! we should all embrace it!
Hurry up, whores and bastards!
What do I see? Where am I? Oh sweet ecstasy!
The heavens do not contain such beautiful objects:
Twin rounded balls,
Firm and full thighs,
Cunts, nipples and pubes,
Flooded by a torrent of cum.

Douze images was privately published in a limited numbered edition of 115 copies.