Vertès’ second erotic album in two years, Le pays à mon goût (A Country to my Taste), contains twelve engravings covering a wide range of subjects similar to those of his first album, L’heure exquise. His particular brand of humour is again to the fore in prints such as ‘Schönbrunn’ (the Viennese palace which during the reign of the Habsburg queen Maria Theresa became the glittering focus of court life) – this and ‘Henri VIII’ also include a nod to Thomas Rowlandson’s erotic prints.

Le pays à mon goût also shows Vertès experimenting more with colour, ‘Pipi macabre’ (‘A macabre piss’) being a good example.

Le pays à mon goût was produced in a limited edition of 250 copies; as with L’heure exquise, many portfolios were later separated, making complete sets increasingly rare.