Séduction: jeunes amours (Seduction: Young Lovers) is a portfolio of thirteen plates featuring young people appreciating their sexuality in a variety of ways, and they all seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. Compared with many Collot prints of the 1930s, these are detailed and carefully worked, showing that when he took his time his work was as good as any other erotic artist of the period.

This portfolio was produced in both black and white and coloured versions, with 137 of the 350 copies including small remarques, additional outline drawings added at the foot of the plate. This is the uncoloured suite with remarques.

Séduction was privately published ‘Aux dépends d’un amateur pour le profit de quelques autres’ (at the expense of an amateur for the benefit of several others), in a numbered limited edition of 350 copies.

We are very grateful to our French friend Frédéric for sharing this set of images with us.