Mythologies shows Székely at his imaginative and humorous best at a time when Europe was at its darkest and most pessimistic. In trademark Székely style they show key moments from the Greek myths, all over-the-top sexualised with everyone’s bits engaged and many of them (just in case you missed it) highlighted in red.

The ten plates depict:
     Perseus and Andromeda
     The Rape of Europa
​​​​​​​     The Judgement of Paris
​​​​​​​     Circe’s Magic Arts
​​​​​​​     Heracles and Omphale
​​​​​​​     The Fall of Troy
​​​​​​​     Orpheus Enchants Eurydice
​​​​​​​     Diana’s Endless Hunt
​​​​​​​     Flight of Love (Leda and the Swan)
​​​​​​​     Odysseus’s Voyage to the Underworld

Mythologies was part of the Székely collection belonging to Tony Fekete, which was sold at auction in May 2021.