La guirlande de Priape (The Garland of Priapus) ‘by two illustrious Parisian doctors’ is a Morisot potboiler, bringing together twenty varied drawings with a collection of bawdy parodies of famous French authors including Victor Hugo, Paul Morand, Alfred de Musset, Charles Baudelaire, Edmond Rostand and Joris-Karl Huysmans. The second – unidentified – doctor is presumably the author of the racy pseudo-literary imitations.

The varied images cover Morisot’s usual repertoire, the majority including non-consensual sex or one sort or another; the portfolio includes ideas clearly borrowed from Franz von Bayros and Gerda Wegener.

La guirlande de Priape was privately published ‘A l’étal de Gomorrhe’ (At the Market Stall of Gomorrah), in a limited numbered edition of 300 copies.