Intimní Obrázy (Intimate Pictures) is the title of one of the portfolios of Dandin prints which was offered for sale by a Prague auction house in October 2019. Whether this is the original title or one given to the collection by its owner we cannot know, though the ‘Soukromy Tisk’ at the foot of the folder, ‘Privately Printed’, suggests the former.

This is one of the most complete collections known of Dandin images, though some dozen or so other images have surfaced separately. The folder also included a couple of related prints dated 1945.

Most of the prints are dated 1938, and most are signed ‘P. Dandin’, though a couple add his first name (or nom d’artiste). The quality of the reproduction is uneven, and several have faded badly, maybe from being left out of the protective folder.

The style of the Dandin paintings is straightforward, no-nonsense, and in most cases quite believable; it is a pity that no trace of the originals appears to have survived. It would have been interesting to see these imaginative scenes in colour.