Chéri je t’aime (Darling I Love You) was an artist’s book suggested by Frédéric Déjean, the editor of the first issue of Freak Wave magazine, who created the book in silkscreen printing using a folding ‘leporello’ format, so all the images can be seen at once without problems of show-through. Van der Linden considers Chéri je t’aime to be the most beautiful book of her drawings that has yet appeared.

As Christophe Comentale wrote in his review in Arts et métiers du livre, ‘This collection brings together themes dear to Anne van der Linden on the complex relationships that overlap to populate the real and the imaginary of humans and animals, and the sometimes unexpected violence that emerges when one world collides with another. This little volume is a milestone, a synthesis celebrating the refinement of twenty years of work by this exciting artist.’

Chéri je t’aime was published by Éditions Atelier de Bibliophilie Populaire in a limited edition of 500 copies.