Dorothy Iannone’s ‘Eros Paintings’ are very much a personal chronicle of two people infatuated with each other, having fallen deeply in lust. Painted in the early years of the deeply passionate relationship between the two artists Dorothy and Dieter Roth, they sing the praises of hands-on sex, celebrating cock and ass, cunt and breasts, with no holds barred. It is rare to find a woman’s experience of sex so boldly expressed – in art, in public, and with such exuberance.

The titles of the paintings are:
     I am whoever you want me to be
     I begin to feel free
     I dreamt there was an emperor Antony:
          O such another sleep that I might see such another man
     I have got such a marvelous cock;
          what beautiful heavy balls I have
     I love to beat you
     Let me squeeze your fat cunt;
          am I your first woman
     Look at me
     Suck my breasts,
          I am your most beautiful mother
     How do you feel this morning
     Think you there was or might be such a man
          as this I dreamt of
     Wiggle your ass for me
     Your names are love Father God