In 2020 the British-trained and Berlin-resident artist Juliette Blightman invited Dorothy Iannone to work on a collaborative exhibition starting at Arcadia Missain London, then travelling to Kölnischer Kunstverein in Germany and the Vleeshal Center for Contemporary Art in the Netherlands. At the heart of the exhibition was Iannone’s (Ta)Rot Pack, initially conceived in 1968–69, picturing aspects of her time with the artist Dieter Roth (hence the ‘Rot’ of the series title) – their everyday life and passionate relationship.

For the exhibition Blightman was inspired to create a new version of the tarot pack, drawing on her own personal experiences, and reflecting on the boundaries of domestic responsibility, motherhood and the home. The show included selections from each artist’s work, presenting them as two equals. The book to accompany the exhibition, published by Walther König, is designed to be read from both ends, continuing the theme of two entwined inspirations.

(Ta)Rot Pack does not follow the pattern of a traditional pack of cards, but in true Iannone fashion consists of a series of images with specific qualities and injunctions, in many ways more appropriate to contemporary relationships than the conventional tarot pack.