Horny consists of 72 pages of pen and ink drawings with almost no text – the minimalist imprint information on the inside back cover requires the use of a magnifying glass.

As Reinhard Scheibner explains, both Horny and his latest collection, True Devotion, are mainly about Berlin’s Naktleben (naked life) in clubs and nudist locations in the city’s parks, woods and lakes, mixed up with fantasies, memories from childhood, and whatever he observes happening in the world around him. The young woman with a cock who appears in several of the drawings is a self-identified alter ego.

Horny was published by United Dead Artists, an organisation founded in 2010 by the French artist Stéphane Blanquet, a prolific figure in the contemporary art scene since the end of the 1980s. United Dead Artists publishes monographs, magazines and art objects, and its publications are distributed by Paris-based Les Presses du Réel; you can order Horny here.