Betty’s vulva; as she writes, ‘a portrait of my beautiful dangling inner lips that I once thought I were deformed as a result of stretching them from too much childhood masturbation. Not true!  Dangling inner lips are the most frequent style I’ve seen in forty years of viewing women’s vulvas.

Over the years Betty Dodson has drawn many more vulvas than most doctors have ever seen, portraying their enormous variety with sensitivity and artistry. She is convinced that it is only by each woman knowing that she is perfectly ‘normal’ that real self-acceptance and physical pleasure is possible.

Most of the drawings in this portfolio were created for Betty’s books on masturbation, though the variety of forms of the vulva have continued to fascinate her and some of the drawings are more recent. The captions are her own, demonstrating how she sees the vulva as an art form of its own, often echoing the great artistic styles of history.

The website Betty runs with Carlin Ross includes a fascinating gallery of photographs of clitoral hoods, providing a complementary window for exploring the wide variety of ‘normal’ female genitalia.