This portfolio of twenty coloured prints in a plain card folder was bought in Paris in the 1920s, and is typical of what was widely on offer if you knew the right bookseller. These and similar risqué prints first appeared during the 1890s, with vaguely historic rococo-style characters in standard mildly erotic situations. Subjects like the dress caught in the tree branches, bunched-up skirts for wading through water, and the abbott surprising a young woman with her dress round her waist, are standard fare, though this series includes both a naked vulva and an erect penis if you look hard enough. The plates are hand-captioned and numbered, apparently from a limited edition of 150.

The titles of the plates are:
     Les deux amies (The Two Friends)
     Les amants surpris (Caught in the Act)
     L’alerte (The Alert)
     La chaleur dilate les corps (Heat Expands the Body)
     Qu’en dit l'abbé (What Does the Abbot Have to Say about That?)
     La surprise (The Surprise)
     Coucou! (Peek-a-boo!)
     Le béjaune (The Novice)
     Ne rentrez pas! (Don’t Come In)
     Première leçon (First Lesson)
     L’indiscret (Indiscretion)
     Et maintenant vous voila bien avancé (So Where Do We Go From Here?)
     La pourvoyeuse (The Provider)
     Une petite main qui s’est place (A Little Hand Placed Here)
     La comparaison (The Comparison)
     Et surtout ne regardez pas (And Above All Don’t Look)
     Vous n’avez rien vu (You haven’t Seen Anything)
     Le passage du lac (Crossing the Lake)
     La souris (The Mouse)
     L’effort stérile (Pointless Effort)