We have included here a wide range of Juliusz Lewandowski’s paintings from around 2002 to the present, concentrating on those which include an erotic element – he also paints more overtly political scenes which can be found in his online media.

Of Lewandowski’s output, his friend the American illustrator Josef Foshee has written, ‘His work shows the raw and uncomfortable reality of desire. It confronts us with the truth that what is most animalistic and voracious is not shameful, though we often deny our animal nature and disavow all things overtly sexual. The obvious care and elegant treatment of his uncomfortable subject matter makes it hard for a viewer to take exception to it, which is an important aspect of what he does. It offers a new perspective to people who would under most circumstances look away. Though Lewandowski’s work is immediately recognisable as his own, there is a visible link to other painters like Max Beckmann, and highlight the similarity between our own times and the impending doom present during the Weimar era, which is also something that people in general would do well to think about. A sense of impending doom and approaching death is there in many of Lewandowski’s erotic paintings. It’s inescapable, integral to his work.’