Etching is Klös’s favourite medium, and he is one of the best current German proponents of the technique, especially of the use of colour in his etchings. Over the years he has collaborated with writers and poets to produce portfolios of linked images, including here four from the 1998 series Sofadamen (Sofa Women), which had an accompanying text by the author Jacqueline Strobel from Chemnitz.

The prolific art critic and poet Friedhelm Häring has written:

In his etchings Bodo Klös demonstrates both the despair and the joy of life, our bondage to sexuality and our fear of death. He is a socially committed artist, at times symbolic, at times poetic, using his work to explore everyday life with its secret joys and its tender consolations. What makes his art approachable is that it is not distant, ironic or sarcastic, but represents a loving sympathy with the complexities of life.
     The trivial, the ordinary, the fragment are all elements of his sensual, symbolic interpretation; it is in this way that he achieves immediacy. He clarifies life’s conflicts and joie de vivre in a sensual, meaningful way. The charm of his women, who stretch with lascivious naked sophistication, has a natural generosity. In a world without erotic taboos, his sensuous female figures with their graceful lines show his love and adoration of women with obvious relish.