Demonio (Evil), a portfolio of ten detailed etchings, is one of three – the others being Carne (Meat) and Mundo (World) – which were Perellón’s first published work, produced by the Galeria Saint Michel.

The images in the three portfolios (we have only included Demonio, as the others are less explicitly erotic) are original and highly imaginative, sharing qualities with a range of Perellón’s inspirations and contemporaries, including Picasso, Dali, and M.C. Escher.

All three portfolios were reworked in colour and published in 2006 by Liber Ediciones as Mundo, Demonio y Carne.

The titles of the prints are:
     A Toda Prueba (Foolproof)
     El Alquimista (The Alchemist)
     Andariego (Restlessness)
     El Espectador (The Spectator)
     La Bestia (The Beast)
     La Rueda (The Wheel)
     Lilith: Homenaje a Subirach
          (Lilith: Homage to Subirach)
     Murmullos (Whispers)
     Soledad (Solitude)
     Al Infinito (To Infinity)