The first Dulac-illustrated edition of L’enfer de Joseph Prudhomme sold well and soon became a relative rarity, so three years later Jean Dulac produced a second set of illustrations for a version in a larger format, giving him the raison d’être to revisit his earlier erotic success and rekindle a commercial relationship with the Paris specialist booksellers. The new illustrations have a distinctly cleaner feel to them, the engravings lighter, the clothes looser, and the faces more modernist.

Alongside Dulac’s illustrations for Joseph Prudhomme it is interesting to compare the Prudhomme illustrations created by another master of erotic art, the Belgian printmaker Félicien Rops. In 1909 a German translation of Monnier’s plays, Die Lesbierinnen: Ein Dialog, was published, with nine Rops engravings. They are classic Rops, and illustrate the play texts well and literally, but compared with Jean Dulac’s illustrations lack the humour and lightness of Henry Monnier’s creations. 

The 1932 Dulac version of L’enfer de Joseph Prudhomme was produced in a numbered edition of 240 copies.