The Book of Hours is a project that Jan van Rijn started in 2008, conceived as a reference to extensively ornamented and illustrated medieval clerical manuscripts and books of prayers. Van Rijn asked the authors to contribute texts to pair with his illustrations, and subsequently developed ornamental artwork, reinterpretations of historic pieces, to complement their choices. This dialogue between the written and the visual makes for an impressive erotic volume in which poetry and prose intermingle with exquisitely-rendered monochrome illustrations, a reinterpretation of a medieval religious format designed to find the sacred within the profane.

The texts in The Book of Hours were contributed by London Andrews, Sherilyn Connelly, Francesco d’Isa, Georges Hausemer, Lorelay, Michael Manning, Peggy Munson, Sandra Niermeyer, Xóchil Schütz, Frank Schulz, Annie Sprinkle, Norbert Tefelski and Rainer Wedler.

The Book of Hours was privately published by Jan van Rijn in a limited numbered edition of 100 copies.