Voices from the Corridor: A Collection of Erotic Tales and Visions builds on the text-plus-illustration format of The Book of Hours. The linked short stories, by Annemarie Ryders (like van Rijn, also a pseudonym), are accompanied by trademark van Rijn illustrations.

In contrast with his usual stark monochrome illustrations, each of the nineteen images in Voices from the Corridor is rendered both in monochrome and in bright digitally-enhanced colour, not unlike the work of Japanese artists like Toshio Saeki.

The episodes might at first seem disconnected and isolated, taking place in an uncertain time and space within the environment of an erotic club with a mysterious ambience. The narrator is a hermaphrodite, the main attraction of the venue. She lives and works there, presenting mostly as a woman, and in the course of the book finds herself in a confusing plot of vague gender identities.

Van Rijn's illustrations, which magazine and book publisher Dian Hanson has described as ‘very pretty, very elegant, but fully explicit’, are the starting point and pivot of Annemarie Ryders’ tales. Humorous, ambivalent, full of surprising turns, and paired with a relaxed and highly original depiction of sexuality, Ryders and van Rijn have produced a refreshingly new erotic classic.

Voices from the Corridor was privately published by Jan van Rijn in a limited numbered edition of 40 copies.