Kink Hug

Many of Samarel’s images are of naked women, which naturally reflects his own choice of fantasy, but we have chosen to concentrate on his work which centres on shared lovemaking. In his creations bright liquid flashes of colour integrate with the shared bodies, vibrating between and around them. Samarel explains that he sees sex as ‘a streaming energy that goes through our bodies and brings them to ecstasy’, and that ‘it must be the sexual energy I am surrounded by every day that helps me to create new interpretations of what I can imagine.’

Here is Samarel’s reply to a question from an interviewer about how he creates his artworks: ‘My work is mostly based on photographs, although I do sometimes start with a freehand sketch. My Photoshop skills allow me to do almost anything I can imagine, but I think of myself as painting with the program in an artistic way rather than a graphic way, meaning that I allow myself to explore, make digital mistakes and learn from them, thus creating my own digital style. After hours of exploring the program and working the image until I am completely happy with it, I click close and save, and then the file is ready to send to the print house for a canvas print to be made.’

When asked what advice he has for would-be digital erotic artists, he says ‘If you are a digital artist like me, don’t fall into the common tricks of Photoshop. Explore the potential of this amazing program until you find your own style – as I did.’