When he comes to producing his erotic collages, Samarel’s process is slightly different from most of his work. He usually chooses a photograph as a starting point and manipulates the shapes and colours inspired by the photograph. In the collages he combines elements from different sources, introducing objects and backgrounds which have some sort of link with the main image.

As he explains, he rarely plans ahead with these creations. He has a folder full of backgrounds and visual elements, and usually has no idea how they will fit into the collage until he drops them into the composition. ‘It’s then that the journey begins. Sometimes I go back to the starting point after hours of trial and error. I find it fascinating, because I have no idea about the final result. A good example is my piece Music for Nude Girl, which has ended up being both artistic and expresses my personal sense of humour.’

Music for Nude Girl

Samarel’s erotic collages can be found here.