Sama Sutra is Samarel’s personal interpretation of the Kama Sutra, featuring explicit easy-to-follow positions illustrated with his colourful trademark artworks and accompanied by quotations from complementary poems.

As Samarel writes on his website, ‘Ever since I was a kid I’ve been dreaming of creating this book; a sexual positions book with my unique art style. I remember sneaking into my father’s library to secretly peek at his copy of the Kama Sutra, the Hindu guide for sexual positions. The drawings were cute, almost innocent, showing everything a person needed to see, but in a subtle way. It blew my mind. Years later I realised that I can also blow other people’s minds with my own book of love. I’ve been creating this book for ten years in my mind, and now you can explore and read my mind. Enjoy it!’

For information about Sama Sutra and its various formats, look here.